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Poker Beginner's Intro

Poker is the world's most popular card game and it’s growing quickly. Originally played on Mississippi riverboats, poker is a game of sharp wits, nerves, and common sense. Some players make their living with math and odds. Other players are extremely good at reading people, being able to tell a bluff from a good hand. The best players have all these skills. Do you have what it takes to win at poker? Nowadays the world's best compete in tournaments and casinos around the world – and on the internet.

Internet poker is the most exciting new form of the game. Most people like the convenience of playing from their own home when they're not in Vegas. It's also quite a bit cheaper than playing in regular casinos, which will take much more of your winnings in table fees and other expenses. Internet poker is easy, fast, and has a variety of poker games to choose from: Texas Hold'em, 7-Card Stud, Omaha and others. Whether you like to gamble or are looking for a relaxing evening of fun, there is a poker game out there for you.

In the following pages, we'll get you acquainted with the rules of the poker, as well as strategy tips for players of all skill levels. Good luck at the tables and have fun!

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