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The Card Life
BBC News Online Magazine
James Vogl, 24 today, is Britain's hottest young poker player, recently pocketing $400,000 from just one card game.
- August 4, 2004

Don't Fold! Saitek Announces Production of Revolutionary Handheld Texas Hold'em Poker Game
-August 4, 2004

Tip Of the Day: Starting Hands

Big cards have more value in shorthand. Most of the time, a high pair will be the winner. You generally do not need a flush or straight to win a pot; top pair is generally sufficient.
Thus, you should play pocket pairs of sevens or higher (play the lower ones only if there are four or more people in the pot), ace with a kicker of nine or higher, and two face cards. When the game is played with six people, you should be much tighter in your hand selection than if there are three or four people. When it is very short, you should play hands with any ace. You should also be more liberal when you are in the blinds since you have already paid a bet.

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